The Last Insomnia Was a Secret.

6 May

Or, the theme was a secret! If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m a part of a group here at Temple called Insomnia Theater. If so, skip the next couple of paragraphs. If not, read on!

It’s kind of like Saturday Night Live. You know how they have a whole week to rehearse and perform on Saturday? Insomnia Theater crams that all into one weekend! We have rehearsals at seven on Friday where actors come and typically do funny monologues, songs, and some people even do mini-skits for their audition! After auditions, the writers and directors stay and pick actors for their shows. Once that’s decided, the directors leave and rest up for Saturday while the writers spend all of Friday night and the wee hours of Saturday morning writing awesome and hilarious skits, based off of a theme that the Insomnia E-Board (the students in charge) come up with.

Then on Saturday, all of the actors, directors and writers meet up at the Bell Tower at 8 AM sharp to warm-up and get down to rehearsing ALL day until the show starts later that night (usually around 7 or 7:30). Luckily, once the directors and actors get their scripts, the writers are free to go home and get some much needed sleep.

This time around, I co-wrote with an Insomnia veteran and departing senior, Angela. The theme was “Secret” and each writing team had a specific setting. Ours was an amusement park and our cast was all guys so we decided to have them work there! One guy hated his job, the other was a performer at the park and thought that working there could set him on his path to stardom, while the the last guy was happy-go-lucky about being there. The big secret? Happy-go-lucky guy was actually the boss and had been a spy the whole time!

We haven’t uploaded pics of the plays (yet!) so here’s a picture of the cast/writers/director of our skit: “Isneyland. The Second Happiest Place on Earth!”

Back Row Cast: Ralph, Scott & Bryan Front Row: Angela(co-writer), Schuyler (director) & Me!

Back Row Cast: Ralph (the boss), Scott (guy who hates his job) & Bryan (the performer)
Front Row: Angela(co-writer), Schuyler (director) & Me!

That’s it for now! Till next time,



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