MAJOR Changes!

8 Apr

Well, kind of. I know, I know I’ve got some serious ‘splainin to do. It’s been a while, so I’ll try to catch you guys up on what’s new in my life!

Firstly, I’m no longer double majoring in Secondary Education & English. NOW, I’m just majoring in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. I know I was dead set on teaching middle school before, but now I’m thinking teaching on a bigger scale, like in college. The current plan is to go to Grad school to get my MFA (Master’s of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing and from there to teach as a professor in college.  Judging from the couple of posts ago, this may seem really drastic. But when I sat down and did the math, I realized that I really want to focus on my writing during my undergrad years. If I stayed with the double major, I’d graduate a semester late and I wouldn’t get a chance to take some really cool electives at Temple (like different African-American Studies courses). With me just being an English major, I’ll graduate on time and I’ll get a chance to take a ton of electives that I want to!

To put it lightly, I have more time to take classes that I want to, not just ones that I’m required to. So, this change works for me! Plus it opens up avenues of new places that I can go to after my undergrad years as opposed to just staying in Philly. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the City of Brotherly Love, but I’m the type of person who wants to see everything there is to see. For grad schools, I’m looking more so in the Midwest because there are more job opportunities out there, as opposed to the East/West Coast because that’s where everyone wants to live.

A sophomore looking into grad schools may sound crazy, but I think that it’s never too early to start!

So, that’s the academic MAJOR change. A fun major change was my birthday (March 5th, I know it’s way overdue!). I turned twenty, meaning that I’m no longer a teenager. Or, as my mom likes to say, ten years closer to thirty. Yuck.

For my birthday, I got my nose pierced! Yes, it hurt and yes I cried.

Right after I got it pierced!

Right after I got it pierced!

Then my roommates and I went to Johnny Rockets on South Street (famous street in Philly) for some grub:


Monique, being a creep.


Me & Bridget!

The next day, we went to Cherry Hill Mall (about twenty minutes from Temple) just because we were curious and had never been. Our neighbor Stephen graciously agreed to drive us there, but you can also take the bus too.

Stephen driving his Jeep!

Stephen driving his Jeep!

My parents also came into town to visit, so we went out to eat at TGI Fridays!

Monique and Bridget!

Monique and Bridget!

Speaking of roommates, next year, I’ll be living off campus with my best friend Bridget, a good friend of mine (and fellow tour guide) Cynda, and another girl, Brea. It’s not Temple affiliated, but our house is literally three blocks from campus and near the Diamond Green Apartments, another off-campus apartment that a lot of Temple students utilize. With the building of Morgan Hall, some upperclassmen will probably be moving back to campus, since Morgan is going to house sophomore, juniors, and seniors — not just freshman. As you move into your upper years at Temple, the choice to live on or off campus is definitely going to be a personal one. My roommates and I are doing it because it’s cheaper and we still get similar security benefits. Temple police canvas not only Temple but ten blocks within campus as well, because they know students are living off campus. But if you still want to live on campus as an upperclassman, then you now have plenty of options to do so!

Well, I think that’s it for now! Till next time,



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